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Tabitha Burns

About the Desires & Decisions Series

“These books are not just great for pre-teens/teens, they are a great read for anyone who wants to be reminded of God's faithfulness. I was blessed to be reminded of God's goodness and His presence in my life through Olive's struggles and triumph. I would highly recommend these books to anyone.”

Nicole F.

About "You Aren't Worthless"

“I love how each page points you to Jesus and gets you to think about tough concepts that can change your walk with God in an amazing way.”

Valerie Caraotta

About "You Aren't Worthless"

“Kristin Spencer knows that insecurities happen when we question God's creation. Though people might have let you down, and were not there for you, she will exhort you to be the one to invite your Heavenly Father into situations in your life. There, she believes, you will learn to invoke peace from hurts and unrealistic expectations of others by forgiving fully.”

About the author

Kristin N. Spencer

Kristin N. Spencer spends part of each day imagining up new worlds and beings when she isn’t busy taking care of her three children and writing partner husband T. E. Spencer. When she’s not writing you can find her working in full time ministry, sewing cosplay costumes, or watching geekesque movies. She writes whatever genre she wants including but not limited to Non-Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Sci-Fi, Space Fantasy, and traditional Fantasy. Kristin studied Comparative World Literature at California State University, Long Beach and received a Bachelors, which she fondly calls a degree in reading. Her favorite movie is Sabrina (the Julia Ormond version) and her favorite person is Jesus.


She recently published a Non-FIction book she co-authored with her husband (T. E. Spencer) called ‘Holy Sex Reboot: My Sexual Identity in Christ,’ and has her first Fantasy YA Fiction ‘Plunge Into Darkness,’ out February 2018. She is most well know for her Non-Fiction book ‘You Aren’t Worthless: Unlock the Truth to Godly Confidence,’ and her YA Contemporary Christian Fiction books in the ‘Desires & Decisions’ series.